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My name is Isabel. Sometimes it’s Iz, sometimes it’s Izzy. I can play a decent game of pool and a not so decent game of Rocket League. My favorite soda is Coke, I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under thirty seconds, and I am a graphic designer.


As a person, I have been told that I can be very quiet, but as a designer, my personality speaks volumes through my designs, and that is what I strive to do with my work. Design is understanding people. It is understanding their needs and creating designs that can reflect their vision and character. 

With every project, I work to bring its unique qualities to the light and have them shine as brightly as they can. I love to shape and mold the personalities of each project, to tear them down, build them back up and bring them to their true potential. Every design is creating a new voice, and that is what I find beautiful. 

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